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Who are we ?

We are Elisabeth-Anne, nurse and holistic therapist, and Christophe, general construction and renovation contractor.
We let's form a couple of caring humans, aligned on several common values:
Lovers of life, the outdoors and nature, freedom and the future, sovereignty and self-sufficiency.
Elisabeth-Anne discovered the Tower Garden in March 2021, completely charmed, she rearranged the dining room to find a place for it, and installed it despite Christophe's resistance to this newcomer! Ha!Ha! A few months later, having discovered the marvel, he commanded the second tower!

At the start of 2023, a crazy but realistic idea began to germinate in our heads, we felt in our hearts a very strong wish to share with the whole world that it is possible to grow our vegetables independently, particularly here in Quebec, even during the winter months. Tower Garden technology is a fantastic solution for self-sufficiency in the Laurentides region and around the world! This vertical aeroponic culture requires very little space, is ecological, leaves less CO2 footprint, recycles 100% of its nutrients and water using a closed circuit which allows you to use 98% less water than a traditional culture. This is all so awesome!!

One Saturday morning, we decided to go to Quebec to see our friends who own Tour Jardin Québec, one of the first tour farms in our province. After discussion and advice with them, we leave with a head full of ideas and with our feelings confirmed! It is our mission to make people aware of the possibility of more autonomy, of eating healthily, of being able to help the community to feed itself with fresh and healthy vegetables, without pesticides and with exceptional nutritional value. We see lots of projects at the local level, being able to help food banks in our region, producing for restaurateurs, integrating tours into schools, into various organizations, possibilities for growers and entrepreneurs wishing to move towards a culture of future in sustainable development.

It is with passion that we embarked on this adventure and created an urban farm in the Laurentides region! Juste D Plantes opened its doors on March 9, 2023. The farm is located in the heart of downtown Sainte-Thérèse, illuminating rue Turgeon with its vibrant green vegetables. Our desire to share this culture is present more than ever, stop by our farm and taste fresh and living food!  Long live food autonomy!

Elisabeth-anne Hains and Christophe Courteval
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