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Tours at school

Did you know that integrating aeroponics into our educational programs could revolutionize the future of our children?

By learning from an early age to grow without pesticides, they become the champions of a greener world!

Join us in this mission for a healthy planet!

Jeunes pousses

Green generations for the future!

With Juste D Plantes, schools can now transform their classrooms into vertical farming paradises.

Funding opportunities through grants available for urban agriculture projects. Let's teach our young people food autonomy with clean and efficient technologies!


Be part of the change by contacting Juste D Plantes for more information!


With our partners at the Jardin de l'Écoumène, find out how to make your school gardening project come to fruition!

Le Jardin de l'Écoumène offers a program for schools and non-profit organizations that meet their criteria.

Find out more from us!

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